Official My Lead System Pro Review – Get The ABSOLUTE Truth Right Here

Welcome to my official My Lead System Pro review. My name is Steven Saliba and my intention is to give you a 100% honest and truthful review of My Lead System Pro. No BS  -just the facts.

I have been an internet marketer for over 3 years. I have tried many online systems. I have come to the conclusion that My Lead System Pro is without a doubt one of the best systems for anyone looking to build an online business. Here’s WHY;

1. Training. When someone brand new starts online, there are literally a thousand things that a newbie must learn to start making some money. They have to learn how to advertise, generate leads etc.

To make money like the top 1% of online marketers, you need to have access to cutting edge training that is bringing in results TODAY. My Lead System Pro has a ton of valuable training. Every Wednesday night, they have live webinars where they bring in a top income earner to reveal how they are building their business. –And don’t worry, if you are not able to be on the live webinar, My Lead System Pro records all of it’s trainings and puts the recordings in their member’s back office.

My Lead System Pro over delivers with value and training. For just $50 a month it is an absolute STEAL. Some people spend over $250,000 on a college education and don’t even learn a fraction of what you get to learn by being a member of My Lead System Pro.

There is a ton of training in the back office. Everything from PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Facebook, SEO, Craigslist to Mindset and Leadership. You get an absolute treasure chest of training by being a member of this system.

2. Websites.  I remember when I first got started out, I didn’t know a darn thing about website design, html or any of the other stuff required to get a website online. With My Lead System Pro, you get professional websites built for you that you can immediately start using to market your business.

And I am not talking about ‘Average-Joe’ type websites here either. I am talking about websites that have persuasive web-copy and graphics. Getting all of this together on your own when you are getting started could take AGES. With My Lead System Pro, you get many custom designed websites that you can start driving visitors to, so that you can start generating leads immediately.

3. The Founders.  The founders of my Lead System Pro are Todd Schloemer, Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Fanale. The founders of My Lead System Pro know what it takes to build a successful business, -this is crucial. Don’t ever learn from someone that doesn’t do what they preach. The founders of My Lead System Pro walk the talk.

The founders understand the struggles of someone trying to build an internet business. By watching their videos, and seeing them rise to the top, I know that Todd, Norbert and Brian deeply care about their members.

4. Leadership Levels. In case you don’t already know, My Lead System Pro allows it’s members to earn a monthly residual income for referring other members into the system. If I referred you to the system for example, I would earn a $15 commission every time you remained a member. This is great because it allows you to build a nice residual income while trying to build your network marketing/internet business.

What My Lead System Pro has done shows why they are the best online system in the world. With My Lead System Pro, you have the ability to reach different leadership levels. The higher the leadership level, the higher the percentage of income that you earn. This is an excellent system that allows it’s members to get rewarded for their work.

5. Top Industry Leaders Use My Lead System Pro. Many of the top earners in the entire network marketing industry use My Lead System Pro. David Wood, started out with My Lead System Pro a little over 2 years ago and has created well over a $1,000,000 in sales in his business since using the system.

When many of the top earners in our industry are using My Lead System Pro, it should tell you that this system works. There is a small catch though. You will have to work and put in energy into building an online business. Sorry, but there are no free rides in life –Unless of course you were born into a wealthy family. But how often does that happen?

‘My Lead System Pro Is An Excellent System’

I know someone in My Lead System Pro who was brand new when he first started marketing online. Today he generates upwards of 20 leads per day.

In conclusion, I have to say that My Lead System Pro is an excellent system –One of best online training and marketing system currently existing on the internet. I promise you, that if you are an online marketer and decide to become a member of this system, you will be impressed.

To learn how you can join My Lead System Pro, CLICK HERE.

To Your Success,
Steven Saliba

My Lead System Pro Cost? How Much Does My Lead System Pro Actually Cost?

So you’re searching for more information about the My Lead System Pro Cost. The system costs around $50 per month for the standard membership and about $97 per month for the more advanced version of the system.

My Lead System Pro offers a lot of value and training. If you are a brand new network marketer looking to get marketing training and education than by all means I highly recommend the system.

The only thing that I don’t really like about My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is that they pay out 33% affiliate commissions to brand new members. Nothing wrong with a company paying out 33% affiliate commissions its just that I would prefer to get paid 100% like the internet ‘gurus’ do.

My Lead System Pro is a great system that offers great marketing training to help network marketers generate leads online. There is another system that also offers exceptional training while paying members 100% commissions.